­čîčEMPLOYEE HIGHLIGHT: Lauren Stephens­čîč

By Trusted CMO

At Trusted CMO, the success of our clients begins with the hard work and dedication of our outstanding team. We are proud to kick off our people highlights series with someone who has made a tremendous impact during her time with Trusted CMO.

Please meet Lauren Stephens, a talented marketing coordinator and student at Tulane University. Lauren joined Trusted CMO as an intern this summer, where she quickly became an integral part of our team. During her internship, she took on various responsibilities involving client management and the remarkable implementation of social media strategies across multiple platforms.

I had the privilege of working alongside an amazing team of individuals whose support and mentorship have been invaluable. As a marketing coordinator, I had the opportunity to assist in client communications, which allowed me to improve my written and presentation skills and build strong relationships with clients. One of the highlights of my internship was the chance to develop marketing assets, from crafting  blog posts and case studies to writing website copy and creative briefs.

Summer is over, and Lauren is embarking on a new adventure. She will be continuing her studies abroad in Zurich, Switzerland. We do not doubt that her dedication and passion will lead her to success in her future endeavors. Thank you, Lauren.


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